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    Pastor Hal Mayer

    Speaker / Director
    Pastor Hal Mayer is speaker and director of Keep the Faith Ministry, USA and Keep the Faith Ministries Oceania, Ltd. in Australia. Keep the Faith publishes Pastor Mayer’s monthly prophetic analysis on CD to many thousands of subscribers all over the world. Pastor Mayer’s background in history and Bible prophecy give him unique insights and perspectives that have blessed many thousands and helped them make a deeper commitment to the Lord and prepare for the second coming of Christ. Keep the Faith Ministry also operates a lifestyle health centre in Victoria, Australia, known as Highwood Health Retreat. It is also developing a second lifestyle health centre near Adelaide, South Australia called Amaroo Water Gardens Health Retreat. Keep the Faith Ministries Oceania, also includes literature projects, medical missionary work, and speaking appointments throughout Australia, and the island nations of Oceania. Pastor Mayer came to Keep the Faith in 2004 when its founder Elder Lawrence Nelson a retired evangelist from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists asked him to carry on the work of Keep the Faith, which he had founded in 1994. “I have tremendous vision for Keep the Faith ministry,” says pastor Mayer. “I believe it is one of the very best tools there is for meeting the needs of those who want to keep track of fulfilling prophecy, and for those want to understand and navigate the unique and difficult circumstances of the end-times. It also helps men and women prepare their lives to meet Jesus in the clouds of glory. Pastor Mayer, a church history professor, sought after speaker and an active writer conducts a heavy international speaking schedule in churches, youth groups, academic classrooms, music festivals and home school meetings. Contact Pastor Mayer at to schedule a speaking appointment. Pastor Mayer is married to his wife Betsy for more than 33 years. They have no children of their own. “The times in which we live are thrilling, because the things prophesied in God’s word are actually coming to pass in this generation,” says Pastor Mayer. “In a time when the distinctive end-time truths of God’s word are being muted, Keep the Faith is a voice of strength and encouragement.”