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Who We Are

Video: Keep the Faith Changes Lives

Keep The Faith is a multifaceted, Seventh-day Adventist self-supporting ministry dedicated to proclaiming the three angels messages with a special emphasis on preparation for the end-time and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Keep The Faith is loyal to the principles of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy and encourages faithfulness to their counsel in an increasingly secular environment. Keep The Faith delivers a monthly end-time message on CD which often documents fulfilling Bible prophecy in current events and provides insightful spiritual analysis. In addition to Keep The Faith’s core service providing stirring monthly messages for those who sincerely want to understand our time in the context of the Seventh-day Adventist message, Keep The Faith also provides speakers and teachers for church services, revival meetings, schools programs and other gatherings.
Keep The Faith also delivers a quarterly program for children on CD called Keep The Faith For Kids which is a 20 minute program with a story, song and prayer for children ages 5-15.

Keep The Faith also envisions development of camp meetings and convocations for those seeking a means of spiritual encouragement, fellowship and training in soul winning methods. Keep The Faith hopes to be able to provide training in various aspects of country living and end-time preparedness.

Keep the Faith is a self-supporting ministry which is sustained by the generous gifts and bequests of its listeners. Funds are used carefully to provide monthly messages on various media, and its other ministry activities.

What People Are Saying

Thank you very much for the CD on “Later Rain”. It was wonderful. We are not hearing these messages from our churches. We are listening again and again. Also we are trying to duplicate the CDs for our friends. May the Lord continue to use you mightily. Your Sister in Christ, Mary, E-mail

“I have been experiencing an incredible answer to prayer in my walk with God, especially in the last 5 weeks. In the last two years, at least, I have been saddened by the sermons I hear. There doesn’t seem to be a knowledge of God. The result is a weak message and a weak church. Take Ye Away the Stone gripped me!… I heard of a Savior and a choice of freedom. How beautiful that story expresses our experience. I never thought of that!… Jesus tested Mary’s faith for freedom and love. And He fulfilled beautifully… I have had the urgency to be ready for Christ and that sermon made me want to press more! “ R. E. , CA

“Dear Pastor Mayer, [I] appreciate your monthly messages. Keep them coming! Your delivery is great, clear, and to the point. These spectacular news reports we could obtain no other way. We can surely see how prophecy is being fulfilled daily! “ Elizabeth, CA

“Dear Pastor Hal and Staff, First of all may take this opportunity to thanks for your continues support in our daily walk with God. God will always grand you GOOD HEALTH and give you Good and Durable RICHES so you can continue to give the World’s Last Chance Warning Messages. How are Elder Nelson and his family? Please extend my regards to them. We hope to be listening to his messages from time to time. Keep the Faith Ministry has never fail me in a single month since I started receiving tapes (since last quarter of 1998) and my prayer always is God should bless Keep the Faith Ministry with means and other resources in abundance so that this Powerful, Dedicated, and Faithful Ministry can continue the Work of the Lord till Jesus comes so that those of us who desire to support the Ministry but do not have the means to do so would continue to receive your TIMELY WARNING MESSAGES.” Gershon, Ghana

“A friend of mine gave me some of your CD’s to listen to. I was overwhelmed at the clarity and beauty of the way you present the gospel… I have been sharing your CD’s with everyone that I can!” – Bruce, CA

“Dear Pastor Mayer, Thanks for the CD’s you have been sending to me. They are a great source of inspiration. The current events that you have been unfolding are of vital importance and warning to every Seventh-day Adventist! May God richly bless and continue to use your ministry for His glory.” John, Ghana

“Dear Pastor Hal and Family and everyone that helps you! I want to thank you all for such wonderful information every month. Your CD’s keep me/ us more up to date than even our own pastors… I so wish they were passing on the information to the churches that you do, it would inspire and build fires under many church pews!! I especially appreciate the news on the pope/ and the workings therein… keeping us updated… lets us know hos soon we will see Jesus’s face!! I have passed the information on to a few of my relatives who also now receive your sermons and they are such a blessing to us all! The small occasional donations I make are nothing compared to what you all are doing for the Lord!” Joy, MA

“Thank you very much for the perseverance in preaching the Three Angels message. Your sermons sent to us meant a lot. You inform us the events that are happening specially in the United States and the coming religious crisis. Your message reached us eventhough we’re in remote area…” EDMAR, Bukidnon, Philippines