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Tattletales Turn on Fellow Americans

CBN News, Many people across the country have become pandemic snitches, calling the police and public health authorities as well as shaming their fellow Americans on social media about not wearing masks and not participating in social distancing. Some have gone as far as even calling people’s employers to snitch on them.

These citizens supposedly are more worried about the spread of the COVID-19 virus than about America’s freedoms and have become unofficial watchdogs, according to The New York Times.

One Wisconsin man called out a cardiologist in his town for not social distancing or wearing a mask at a recent lockdown protest. Kevin Rusch quickly shared photos of Dr. David Murdock on social media.

“His picture popped up, and when I saw it, I was furious,” Rusch told the Times. “I thought, this guy is out here hugging people and rubbing elbows without P.P.E. on and he’s actively seeing patients.”

Others also contacted the hospital where Murdock was employed, and it resulted in the doctor taking a one-week leave.

“Dr. Murdock became one of the most public casualties of a growing crowd of social distancing vigilantes,” the Times reported.

The newspaper describes people snitching on their neighbor as “citizen action.” But Murdock shared a very different perspective on social media.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the 33-year career research cardiologist wrote about why at first he was in favor of the stay-at-home order, and then as he saw the results of the lockdown, he began to have a change of heart.

“The effect of the first Safer at Home on our local economy and our local health care system has been devastating,” Murdock wrote.

He reports the results of his photos being posted from the “lift the lockdown” rally have led to serious repercussions. “Upon returning home, I learned of some of the comments made on social media about me and the orchestrated slander of my name and reputation,” he wrote.

“But most disturbing was the vulgarity involved and a clear sense of an orchestrated political hit job. There were words said using language that I haven’t heard since high school. They vandalized my home by scattering feces on the front steps prompting me to file a police report.

They also mocked Christianity. Nobody should have to put up with this evil. No human has the right to inflict this pain on others,” he concluded.

Our Comment:
If people are already willing to turn on fellow citizens in this COVID-19 crisis, will they not also turn on those who refuse to follow laws which are contrary to God’s Law?

Prophetic Link:
“And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.” Luke 21:16, 17.

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