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A Little Visit to the Vale of Sodom

By Pastor Hal Mayer

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Keep the Faith Ministry. Thank you for joining me again today as we look at another key issue that is unraveling the society we once knew and replacing it with something far more to the liking of Satan and his minions. This world is not our home. It is not the paradise that some people try to make it out to be. It is only a slum in the universe of purity and light. I long for my heavenly home, don’t you? Though we live in a strange world, it is a prophetic one. It is a rebellious world that does not wish to honor God, but do away with His law and all righteousness. It is a planet in rebellion, the only one in the universe. Yet, God poured out His love on us so much, that He offers us a new home and a new earth where we can live in the atmosphere that is a copy of the one He originally created.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling that forced the U.S. States to approve and recognize same-sex marriage nationwide, despite individual state law, and despite its unpopularity among the majority of voters. The States must now comply with the federal judicial mandate and approve and recognize the marriages of same-sex applicants.

The decision forces same-sex marriage on Americans because an activist court and executive branch are determined to change America and inaugurate a modern Sodom. The Supreme Court decision is devastating to the moral barriers by which God’s law protects society.

For 200 years, the United States was strong and under the protection of heaven because it was founded on principles of religious freedom that stabilized it and gave it global recognition and power. Steadily, and even rapidly now, those moral foundations that hold back an immoral tide of evil have been eroded and a new spirit will engulf the United States and the nations that were once Protestant. We have come to another important tipping point in the prophetic history of the United States. So, before we begin our study, let us bow our heads in prayer.

Our Father in heaven, we realize we are living in the last days. We need Your presence as we consider the instructions You have given us to live by. I ask that Your Holy Spirit will be sent to each of our listeners and fill them with Your love and insight into our times. As I share these thoughts today, I pray that Your Holy Spirit will use my words to place Your ideas before them in a way that will encourage my brothers and sisters in the true faith of Jesus for these last days. I place myself into your hands. Please use this clay vessel to bring Your words of truth for these last days. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Please turn with me in your Bibles to a very insightful verse of scripture. It is found in Ecclesiastes 8:11. The wise man knew the consequences of immorality from personal experience and has, in these few words, given us one key reason why wickedness abounds today. Here it is: “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

Do you think we have reached such a time in history today? Sin potentiates itself. In other words, when it is not checked, it gets engrained in a society and worsens. It becomes more bold and defiant. It also becomes more aggressive against those who do stand in opposition to it. Without a doubt we have reached an important stage in which virtually everything that has been a barrier to sin has been removed and revoked in the land. In the United States right now there is federally mandated legal abortion, legal same-sex marriage, legal mind-altering drug use, such as marijuana in many places, and as Hollywood bombards the nation with crime, murder and mayhem, not to mention an extreme fascination with the supernatural, we have come to a time of unprecedented wickedness and immorality.

A recent Gallup poll said that Americans have shifted away from key moral values and have adopted more liberal, secular values instead. The survey, for instance, found that in 2015, a record number of Americans, 63 percent, view same-sex marriage and homosexual relations as morally acceptable. This is a 23 percent increase since 2001. Approval for having a baby outside of marriage increased 16 points in the same time period. Approval of divorce and sex outside of marriage increased by 12 percentage points. And there are surprising increases in approval of polygamy, cloning humans and doctor-assisted suicide.

Americans Continue to Shift Left on Key Moral Issues [1]

At the same time there is a rapid decrease in affiliation with organized religion. More and more people aren’t connected to any specific denomination. They say they believe in God, but they do not want to be guided by a specific set of doctrines or even Bible dogma.

Approximately 36% of “millennial” Americans (those born between 1981 and 1996) consider themselves “nones,” or unaffiliated. They want to be guided by their own minds when it comes to their values and beliefs. The rapid decline in affiliation has affected all the mainline denominations. Protestants have declined from 18.1 to 14.7 percent during this time period and Catholics from 23.9 down to 20.8 percent. For the first time in American history “nones,” or those without church affiliation now outnumber both Catholics and Protestants combined.

America’s Changing Religious Landscape [2]

As an aside, do you have any idea why that is? Here is something to consider. The ecumenical movement, which is a child of Rome, has de-emphasized doctrine so much that people don’t see the relevance of clear doctrinal beliefs as meaningful to them anymore. And there is another point to consider. Theology schools these days are so focused on training pastors to be administrators of churches, and controllers of what is defined as church, that seminary students don’t learn to preach Bible doctrine that much anymore. There are few schools these days that give a superior place to truth and doctrine. Rarely do preachers these days really have a grip on the Bible and understand what it says, and can articulate its truths. The result is that Christian denominations are losing their footing biblically as their membership slides.

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We are living in a time of unprecedented moral crisis. As the nation continues its moral slide there is less and less stability while there is an increase in violence and crime. This in turn requires the expansion of government control over more and more of your life. This is just the way Satan would want it to be. Never before, has the United States been more vulnerable and insecure. Today, we are very near the brink where America will slide into the moral abyss. When it does, watch for dramatic developments to take place. Friends, it is vital that we study the previous examples of societies that have gone this route. What happened to them is what will happen to America and to western culture. What happens to America will also happen to other nations that have gone down the same path. Pay attention to today’s lesson no matter where you live, because what is happening to America is already happening to other similar nations like Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Europe and even other places.

As we begin our study today, let me invite you to take a little imaginary, yet prophetic visit to the cities of the plain, as they are known in scripture. We go back in time to the culture and the time before the cities of the plain were destroyed by fire and brimstone to learn the lessons we can from their experience. Perhaps we can also learn something about what is happening today from our little tour. Our tour guide, at least for the first part of our trip is Moses himself.

We start our journey together in Genesis 10:18 and 19. Quiet please. Moses is speaking. He’s giving us a little lesson in ancient history. “And afterward were the families of the Canaanites spread abroad. And the border of the Canaanites was from Sidon, as thou comest to Gerar, unto Gaza; as thou goest, unto Sodom, and Gomorrah, and Admah, and Zeboim, even unto Lasha.”

Oh, so that’s who first came to dwell in the land Canaan. In fact, it seems that the name “land of Canaan,” is referring to great, great grandfather Canaan and all of his descendants that have multiplied so profusely that it requires eight big cities to house them. This was the land belonging to Canaan and his posterity. Canaan came from the plain of Shinar where he and his colleagues Nimrod and Asshur strategized how to take control of the whole world through a global monarchy. Speaking of Nimrod, Moses says in verse 10. “And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, Accad and Calneh in the land of Shinar.” Asshur went to a place that became known as Assyria, which is another rendition of his name. In fact, the three of them were the first to attempt globalization and its parallels to our own time are nothing short of amazing.

Notice that we have just passed by many of these Canaanite cities quickly as Moses has given us this history tour. “These cities,” Moses tells us, “have numerous populations, they are very rich and are tied together in economic alliances, trade agreements, political alignments, much like what is being developed in your day,” he continues. “They even developed mutual defense treaties,” he adds.

In the time of Lot, they had been under tribute to the kings back in Shinar for 12 years. A global government requires tribute from its various regions to maintain itself. But sometimes those regions have ambitions and want to go their own way and this leads to wars of rebellion.

Those nations that get rich and powerful become arrogant. The descendants of Canaan wanted to disconnect from the global empire. So they rebelled and stopped paying their tribute taxes to Shinar. Five kings of the region joined together in a military alliance to fight off any invaders and waited. They thought they were powerful enough to defend themselves successfully.

All that brought trouble. Four kings came upon the cities of the plain to preserve the world order and the flow of money. One of the kings was from Shinar, which is Iraq in your day. He had a vested interest in keeping the Canaanites under control in order to preserve the world empire that had taken such a long time to build up. Another king named Chedorlaomer was from Elam, known as Persia in Daniel’s time and as Iran in your time. He had an interest in the wealth of the cities of the plain. Once the rebellion was put down, Chedorlaomer took all the rich spoils of Sodom and Gomorrah and their food stores and left. They also took Lot captive and all his possessions for Lot was also very wealthy.

When Abraham heard about it he got involved and by the blessing of the Lord defeated Chedorlaomer and the other three kings with him. You probably remember that he paid “tithes” to Mechizedek, king of Salem.

As we near the city of Sodom, Moses says, “take a look at the lush and fertile fields. The cattle, sheep and other animals graze on the very best grasses. The water is abundant in lakes, streams and rivers.”

As we enter into Sodom, the most important city in this country, he continues, “have a look as we travel down the main thoroughfare. Here on the left just there by the city gate is the visitor’s center. That’s where Lot often sits. He’s the city’s welcome committee. He always makes friends easily, and knows how to point people in the right direction. He’s even been known to take visitors home for the night on occasion, especially if they don’t seem to know where they are headed.”

At the visitor’s center our tour guide changes to a resident of Sodom, who has a lot to tell us. He’s going to show us the best of this proud city. Look at all the people! The city is teeming with traffic. The streets are jammed with all manner of vehicles and people. Over there is the market. Notice how busy it is. Our guide tells us there are wares of every kind, large and small. Many things are imported from distant ports, and food is abundant. Ah, look at those beautiful diamonds and other jewelry to adorn the citizens, and striking and attractive stones for beautifying everything from national monuments and civil administration buildings to individual homes and gardens. What a lovely place! We stand in awe of the sophistication of this paradise. The weather is perfect. The days aren’t too hot. The nights aren’t too cold. It is ideal for the “good life.”

“Hawkers are making loads of money,” our guide says, “because the people like their material possessions, with all the latest gadgets and devices to entertain them and make life amazingly easy.” In fact, he says, “government leaders like to keep the people entertained, that way they don’t complain about political corruption or the excessive taxes. They keep the money flowing so that there is no interruption in the lifestyle. And the banks cooperate by lending out money at cheap interest rates so that people can mortgage homes, beyond what they can afford, and so they can take holidays and buy expensive chariots and hardware and other things for their homes. Banks have become liberal, they say, that even the most unqualified person who doesn’t have much of a job can get a sizable loan to buy a large home in Sodom.

“And there is a lot of social welfare in Sodom too. People get welfare payments for almost any reason. They are given benefits galore and this encourages them to become lazy and expect the government to provide for them. For even the smallest excuses they can get on disability and never have to hold down a job again. The economy is so robust that most people think it is all OK. They feel like they are wealthy, so they don’t worry about the future. Some economists sound an alarm every year about something going to happen in September or October, but no one pays attention anymore, hardly. The central bank of Sodom keeps pumping more resources into the markets and things keep going.

“After all, the stock market is booming. If you go down to the stockyards, the buying and selling is incredible. Animals of every description are being bought and sold there. The betting and speculation on races and competitions is also booming.

“And they are building like there is no tomorrow,” he says. “Look at all the new construction. They tear down the old buildings and replace them with larger, taller ones. Oh, over there,” said our guide, “is an open theater. Every day there are shows and plays, and at night there are light and fire shows that are first class. Also, the music is incredibly energetic. There are dances and parties all over town every night in pubs, bars and nightclubs. At sunset, the brothels, bathhouses and escort services open too. And in Sodom, they are legal in most places.”

We remember that many centuries later, when Jesus was on earth, He pointed out the nature of the city of Sodom. The apostle Luke recorded what He said. “Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded…” And we see it everywhere.

Those of us who understand architecture, building is a statement of who you are. And when an architect builds big beautiful buildings, it is a source of pride and even a bit of arrogance. And Sodom was known for its buildings. Pride and arrogance was part of the reason for its destruction.

“On your right,” says our guide “is Night Street. It’s the red light district.” And it is not only patronized by men, but also by women. Oh yea, there are male and female prostitutes, sodomites, trans-sexuals, pan-sexuals, transvestites; all of them and more. Take your pick. Whatever lifestyle you want to pursue, you can have it. It’s yours. It’s all in good fun,” he adds.

“In Sodom,” he continues, “there are hardly any prohibitions. It is a place of personal freedom. You can do what you want. You can go where you want. You can say what you want.” Then he adds, “But be careful, if you try to say that something is wrong with this or that lifestyle, you may not get on so well in Sodom. The people are known to be rather aggressive against those who say that Sodom is evil. People don’t like being judged. They don’t like being told that they have made wrong choices.”

We’re all a little taken back at the wanton openness of this licentiousness. Our pure minds have a hard time taking it all in. But our guide has more shocking things to say. “Sodom is a wonderful place of equality. Every lifestyle is accepted before the law of the land. You can love whomever you want, even someone you are not married to. You can even marry whoever you want, even someone of the same gender as you. You can even marry your dog. But please bear in mind that if it doesn’t work out, you can easily get a no-fault divorce so that it minimizes the impact on any children that might have come through the marriage.”

We stand aghast and in silence. Finally one in our group asks, “You mean that marriage is really only a formality?”

“Oh,” he responds, “while we have the institution of marriage, it is merely a social contract that can be entered or exited at will.”

Most of us immediately think of the French Revolution and its causes. One of them was that marriage was not a life-long commitment. God had established marriage in the Garden of Eden as the most stable institution in society, and in order to keep social fabric of a nation strong, but these people have abandoned those principles.

Here is what we know about marriage in France prior to the Revolution. This is from the book The Great Controversy, pages 270 and 271. “France presented also the characteristic which especially distinguished Sodom. During the Revolution there was manifest a state of moral debasement and corruption similar to that which brought destruction upon the cities of the plain. And the historian presents together the atheism and licentiousness of France, as it is given in the prophecy: “Intimately connected with these laws affecting religion was that which reduced the union of marriage—the most sacred engagement which human beings can form, and the permanence of which leads most strongly to the consolidation of society—to a state of mere civil contract of a transitory character, which any two persons might engage in and cast loose at pleasure…”

Notice that in France any two persons could engage in marriage, not just a man and a woman. No wonder France is compared to Sodom for its licentiousness. Surprisingly, marriage was limited to only two persons. Here is some more from the Great Controversy.

“If fiends had set themselves at work to discover a mode of most effectually destroying whatever is venerable, graceful, or permanent in domestic life, and obtaining at the same time an assurance that the mischief which it was their object to create should be perpetuated from one generation to another, they could not have invented a more effectual plan than the degradation of marriage…”

So ancient France and Sodom were quite similar. France had the godless spirit of Egypt and the licentiousness of Sodom. The Bible even refers to France as Sodom and Egypt (see Revelation 11:8). They overthrew both the church and the Bible, and I dare say that in our day, the Sodomites wish to do that again in all countries and in all places where they can. So we can then conclude that what happened in the city of Sodom was a prophetic prototype of the whole nation of France. But listen to this from the book Education, page 228.

“At the same time anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law, not only divine, but human. The centralizing of wealth and power; the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many; the combinations of the poorer classes for the defense of their interests and claims; the spirit of unrest, of riot and bloodshed; the world-wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution–all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France.”

So, just like the city of Sodom was a prophetic prototype of the whole nation of France, so the nation of France is a prophetic prototype of the whole world at the end of time. And yes, the attempt to overthrow marriage law is bringing anarchy into the nations that were once ordered by good and reasonable laws built on constitutions that protect individual rights. Now all of that, including laws defending personal religious conviction and religious liberty are in chaos. And in response to anarchy, such as terrorism, nations now establish oppressive laws designed to provide a measure of security for their citizens, while the citizens give up their rights in exchange. Do you think this could happen in our day?

Sodom rejected the truth of God, and it greatly affected the city. It was a cesspool of wickedness, sensuality and crime. In fact, it got so bad in Sodom that Christ came down along with two high-ranking angels to investigate it for themselves. Before God punishes, He always investigates. Satan saw those angels go into Sodom on that night of doom. He was the instigator of the city-wide assault on the home of Lot. Lot probably never expected such a thing to happen and he had to act using his wits, not godly wisdom. He was ignorant of the fact that he did not have normal human beings staying with him. Though they were probably extraordinarily handsome, he just thought they were just natural men. So he did what he could.

Our tour guide continues. “Practically the only thing that is not tolerated in Sodom is intolerance. Those who don’t like the freedom and liberty should live somewhere else. Go live in the mountains,” he says. “Don’t oppose the freedom of any and all to pursue happiness and fun and the lifestyle of their choice. We don’t tolerate hateful and bigoted attitudes that well here in Sodom. Sodom was designed for pleasure and the city fathers will protect that image.”

One in our group asks our guide if Sodom allows same-sex marriage. “Oh yes,” he said. “Anything goes. It was a battle, though, to get it approved precinct by precinct. It was rather an inconvenient time for lesbians and gays to get married while some precincts didn’t allow it. If two women or two men wanted to get married, and they lived in one precinct that had not approved it, they would have to go to another precinct to get their license where same-sex marriage was approved, and then try to live in their own precinct without universal recognition. It was such an unworkable situation.

“Eventually the Supreme Court took a couple of cases and approved gay marriage citywide. While there was some discontent by a few traditionalists, like that fellow Lot, it was mostly accepted and very quickly became the practice. In fact, often people prefer same-sex relationships to heterosexual ones.”

“Look over there,” he said, “see that tall building? That’s the Museum of Ancient History.” We all looked and there was a magnificent edifice, right near the center of the city. Its tall pillars make it look majestic. “This museum is special,” he added. “It has artifacts and the story of Sodom right from the beginning.”

Let’s go in and have a look around. It’s free. As we enter the museum, the curator is there to greet us. “Welcome to Sodom’s Museum of Ancient History,” he says. “Would you like to see where we have come from?” he asks.

“Our ancestors came all the way from the plain of Shinar. They were intent on creating a society that is very well managed by central planning, and is in such a beautiful spot and has such booming economy that no one would want to go anywhere else. Though it has always been a playground for pleasure and happiness. It was intended that everything would be controlled in such a way as to give the people the sheer joy and pleasure of all life has to offer. There would be no God that would plague us with guilt and punishment for sin. There would be none of the type of moralizing that was so familiar while Noah was building the ark. Sodom was not to be like those nomadic tribes that wander from place to place. They wanted the conveniences of the city. They wanted the city life, the culture, the entertainment. They were creating a society that did not need God. After all, we have gods of our own here in Sodom.

“Noah’s morals were so oppressive and restrictive. Father Noah was too strict with his children. He was too religious, quite fanatical and a little crazy, and that God thing was an embarrassment. He was deluded and thought he heard voices that he said was God. Humbug, there is no such thing as a god that would destroy the earth with a flood. So great grandfather Ham and his descendants decided he was going to do it a different way; a much better way. First, went to the land of Shinar. Then eventually Canaan and his family left there to come here and start an empire here. You may remember that he and Nimrod were friends way back then.”

We are not a little astonished at our guide’s flat denial of the divine. After all, we are all from a religious background and have always believed that God is real and interested in human affairs. This man’s attitude seems quite matter of fact, as if he is not at all embarrassed by his atheism. In fact, he promotes this attitude as if it is the only right way to live.

“But,” someone in our group asks, “don’t you believe in the Genesis account of what happened during the flood?”

“Hah,” he chuckles, “you religious fanatics think that everything revolves around your God and your sacred oracles. We’re in a new age now. We’re enlightened. Those are just ancient myths that can’t be proven conclusively anyway. We’re in an age of scientific discovery. Everything has to have scientific documentation these days. Otherwise, we’re not prepared to believe it. How could there have been a flood. Just look at the rock strata. It is obvious that they come from eons of time going all the way back to another age, long before our own history was formed, I mean millions upon millions of years.

“Anyway, let me go on with the story. When great, great grandfather Canaan came here to live with his family, he knew he would have room to grow his family and live the way he wanted. But he also wanted to assist in establishing that one world monarchy that Nimrod was always talking about, a utopia of the best society possible. His intention was to create a place where people would come in pursuit of great pleasure, a resort town, so to speak. Whatever you wanted to do, he would provide the place and resources to do it. He was not interested in following the old fashioned ways of his forefathers. They were too restricted and he felt that if he invested in the right kind of places, he could make a lot of money and at the same time, build a reputation for vacations, holidays and all manner of entertainments. He also wanted to control the culture so that it would not slip back into that ‘ole’ time religion ever again.

“When they first came to the plains, it was a lot of work for Canaan and his family to sort out a place to live. They had to cut down forests, plant orchards and gardens and to build homes. There were only a few of them so they started small at first. But as time went on the place grew. And because it was so beautifully situated, it became a center of commerce and trade, then more and more of a resort community. It was first just called “The Vale,” a lovely place where the liberal spirit could grow and flourish. And progressive it certainly became.

“For many years the town lay quietly in the plain. As you would expect, it started out as a small hamlet, with a few homes. As families increased in size and spread out, they needed more room. Eventually, they decided that they needed to organize a town in a more formal way.

“Gradually perhaps, Canaan first built a small hotel with a little nightclub and bar. He started growing the wine grapes to stock the wine cellar. Later he added other attractions and a small resort community began to build up around the town. And the town began to expand in size. It wasn’t spread out, but concentrated around the center of town.

“As it became better known, people would come from all over the region for holidays. Then word spread to other regions and more people came. The place got larger and more affluent. More hotels were established, and along came the gaming, theater, music and other entertainments. Oh, and the women! The daughters of Canaan were beautiful; so very nice to look at. Men started coming here from all over because they heard about the women. And the women weren’t all that bashful either. Certain things got started, you see, and from there a whole industry of services to the desires of the body.

“And the food was fantastic. There was such an abundance of food that this region developed a reputation for its restaurants and delicious cuisine. People would come here sometimes just for the food. There were the best chefs in town. They knew how to cook up all the flesh meats you could ever desire. The very best meats, cheeses and dairy products also became well known for their quality and flavors. Mutton, beef and pork became staples in the diet of these early city builders.

“Sodom even had a hunting ranch, a dude ranch. Visitors would book in to the dude ranch to have a holiday of chasing wild animals, hunting them down, killing them and eating them. And what a time they had. The wild stories they told were pretty amazing way back then. But even now, they still love this way of life.

“And the vineyards grew wonderful wine grapes. Everywhere you look as you approach our fair city you can see that it is still that way today. So, “The Vale” became known for its wines. People would come here from everywhere to taste them. Commercial interests would come here too, in order to buy wines for export to other places. And the vintners made a lot of money selling their products. This also boosted trade of all kinds into the region, particularly as the population grew and the products became more widely known and recognized for their quality.

“But it wasn’t just wine. Traders exported large quantities of meat; wine and other products to far flung cities across the Canaanite plains and beyond to Phoenicia and all the way up to Nineveh, Rehoboth, and Calah.

“In order to accommodate the economic growth, holidaymakers, traders, and other ancillary services, etc., they needed to build a lot of buildings. The city mushroomed into a booming metropolis that would rival the best of everything in every other place.

“And all the production brought in a bustling tourist trade, and as the city grew, and grew, more and more people would come for the parties, the night life, and the more private entertainments. The brothels, bathhouses and escort services do a booming business. They started off secretly because prostitution it wasn’t legal way back then. Then more openly. The conservative element of society protested a little, but with all the flow of money, the booming economy, and the positive political support of the city fathers, who personally benefited by all the trade and commerce, they soon kept their peace.

“But perhaps the most known feature of Sodom,” says the curator, “and the most maligned, is the sex trade. That’s how Sodom got is name, in fact. At first it was just called “The Vale,” as I previously told you. But as it grew, Canaan thought to name it something else, something that would advertise its features and pleasures. He chose Sodom, which means “their secret.” A secret is always very interesting to people who are not initiated. They want to know more about it, naturally. So they come here in search of “the secret.” That so-called secret was sort of an open secret. Eventually, everybody knew what the secret was. It was the sex trade, especially sex tourism, and it became well known throughout all of the land of Canaan and even the surrounding nations.

“At first the temples were where the “secrets” were kept. Religious worship among us Canaanites was quite different than the old fashioned way. It was more in line and accommodating to modern lifestyles. The temples themselves, what you might think are a little like mega-churches in your time, were something of an alternative lifestyle. The priests preached a “prosperity gospel.” And some of them were ordaining women to the priesthood as well. Nothing was really wrong with anything. Religion should not be a list of dos and don’ts, but affirming of the individual and his personal choices. Doctrine is not emphasized here. There is no such thing as standards, or rules. Those things aren’t as important as knowing that you are ok with yourself. While that sounds a little like pop-psychology, it is nevertheless a key understanding that makes the temples successful and draws in the crowds.

“But here in Sodom, the temples also became places where people could explore who they really are, including their sexuality, their proclivities, and their more basic pleasures. These temples are ‘lifestyle friendly,’ as we like to say here in Sodom. Yes, they need to appease the mythical gods, but the greater work is to help society feel comfortable with itself, and for individuals to learn how to think about who they are and what they want in life. Yes, there are temple prostitutes and sodomites (which were really male prostitutes), but that’s just part of the structure of worship here. And there is always lots of dancy music, with bands, hot women, and all the rest that goes with it. But all of this is really part of the modern liberal and progressive idea, or at least that’s where those ideas take society.”

“But the secret is what many people really come here for. At first the brothels were in the back streets, but eventually, their owners learned that they could bribe the city fathers and have laws made permitting their “secret” trade to be more open. In fact, their owners got so bold that they put the brothels on the main streets and now you don’t really have to go to the so-called “red light district.” If you pay attention, you’ll find it all convenient enough. Did you notice on the way in here that just across the street there is a place called “Victoria’s Secret Merchandise?” That’s a brothel. And that particular establishment brought in slaves from other places to use in the business; men, women, boys, girls including underage youngsters. After all, you know, once same sex marriage came in, there were other things that the people wanted, including child porn and pedophilia. While much of all this was rather discreet and carefully veiled from sight to the uninitiated visitor, there were times when it would come out in the open.

“So visitors from all over the world heard about it and as the reputation spread, people would come here to party and take advantage of the social delights available in the bathhouses and brothels.”

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We are stunned by the licentiousness of Sodom. It’s just everywhere, and people are so casual about it. They think about it all the time. They dress in ways to expose their licentiousness. They eat food that stirs up their passions. They besot their minds with alcohol, and the live to pursue pleasure above all else. In all of this, they contribute to the rebellion and wickedness of Sodom. They think they have freedom, but they really are slaves to their passions. We decide that we’ve had enough and we leave the museum.

Our guide tells us that “as Sodom grew, it began to have a few security problems, crime, and some other challenges. But these were overbalanced by all the fun and pleasure. So, the town set up a wall way outside its boundaries at the time. Today, it is jammed with buildings and homes as you can see.

“Tell us a little about the Supreme Court and its decision to permit same-sex marriage?” asks one in our group.

“Well, the story goes back a ways. Some 30 years before same-sex marriages were legally authorized some gays began a campaign to change the attitudes of the people of Sodom and help them lose their fear and hatred of gays. They had a six-point plan which included working with businesses, government and other aspects of society to change their point of view concerning the gay lifestyle. Gays were presented as victims of discrimination and hatred. At first it was all about tolerance. But eventually, it morphed to become all about equality. They would not be happy until they were treated equally with other sexual orientations. And gradually, over those thirty plus years, many of the people sided with homosexuals even if they were heterosexual themselves. And there was lots of arguing and disputing over the matter, but the change was finally enough to go further.

Wikipedia: Marshall Kirk [7]
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“Once the attitudes of enough people had changed, gays began to lobby the city Congress or parliament to change the city-wide law that defended traditional marriage. It was called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). And Congress obliged them. It was all done on the basis that “all men are created equal,” and that laws should accommodate all lifestyle choices. Gay’s presented themselves as being born with same-sex attraction and that there was nothing they could do about it. So, they were to be treated like everyone else.

Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act, paves way for gay marriage to resume in California [9]

“But the overthrow of DOMA didn’t bring equality. It only toppled traditional marriage as the only legal option. The next step was for homosexual activists to press for gay marriage from precinct to precinct. One by one there were 37 out of 50 precincts that had either authorized same-sex marriage by legislative action or their laws defending traditional marriage were overthrown by local court action.

“In the meantime some businesses decided they weren’t going to be told what to do by gays. They would not serve their weddings by making cakes or doing other services for them. After all, they said, they had a traditional conviction from their ancient religious convictions. But the precinct courts overturned these so-called “convictions” and ordered them to serve gay weddings or go out of business. Some were even fined and threatened with prison.

“Eventually some cases, made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has nine justices, five of which were liberal and progressive, and four of which were conservative. Needless to say, it was a five to four decision that justified the overthrow of all precinct laws that required marriage to be between one man and one woman.

Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States [10]

Incidentally, most of the citizens of Sodom opposed same-sex marriage. Yet, their wishes were overthrown by an activist court, which imposed legal marriage between any two people on all precincts, even if they did not want it.

One of the conservative Supreme Court justices even said that the court’s decree legalizing gay marriage meant that the ruler of the city was the Supreme Court, not the democratic process. He ripped the decision by saying, “This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty… the freedom to govern themselves.”

He even wrote that “The Supreme Court… has descended from… disciplined legal reasoning… to the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.”

Scalia: Gay marriage decision shows America’s ‘ruler’ is Supreme Court [11]

He also wrote that “If intimacy is [happiness], one would think freedom of intimacy is abridged rather than expanded by marriage. Ask the nearest hippie. Expression, sure enough, is a freedom, but anyone in a long-lasting marriage will attest that that happy state constricts, rather than expands, what one can prudently say.”

SCALIA: The Supreme Court is a ‘threat to American democracy’ [12]

The chief Justice, in his dissent was concerned that the court was overstepping its constitutional bounds. He wrote, “If you are among the many… — of whatever sexual orientation — who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today’s decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it.”

He also wrote in his dissent, “Supporters of same-sex marriage have achieved considerable success persuading their fellow citizens—through the democratic process—to adopt their view. That ends today. Five lawyers have closed the debate and enacted their own vision of marriage as a matter of constitutional law. Stealing this issue from the people will for many cast a cloud over same-sex marriage, making a dramatic social change that much more difficult to accept.”


“But having said all that,” our guide says, “same-sex marriage was authorized by the Supreme Court on the basis that all citizens of Sodom should be treated equally. Equality has always been the mantra of those pressing the progressive agenda, whether it is women’s liberation or the rights of same sex couples before the law.”

One in our number then asks another question. “What do homosexuals here really think about marriage? Is it so important to them that they would press to overturn the oldest institution on the planet?”

One commentator during a news interview, “They want to wipe out the [ancient] religion.” In other words, removing all the barriers and restrictions of the religion of Noah is the real aim of these activists. They don’t want anyone or anything to tell them that they are doing wrong.

“Another commentator, a lesbian activist, made it clear that the real issue isn’t equality of marriage. It is about eliminating it. Here is what she said. “It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.

“She went on to say, The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist. And I don’t like taking part in creating fictions about my life. That’s sort of not what I had in mind when I came out thirty years ago.

“I have three kids who have five parents, more or less, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t have five parents legally… I met my new partner, and she had just had a baby, and that baby’s biological father is my brother, and my daughter’s biological father is a man who lives in Russia, and my adopted son also considers him his father. So the five parents break down into two groups of three… And really, I would like to live in a legal system that is capable of reflecting that reality, and I don’t think that’s compatible with the institution of marriage.”

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So, clearly the gay marriage issue is about radical cultural change and removing the fabric of the traditional family structure and its relationship to society.

Some people believe that “a legal system that gives benefits to married couples but withholds those benefits from other types of relationships,” is also wrong. In other words, they advocate getting rid of the privileged status of marriage altogether.

Gay activists questioning marriage as ultimate goal [18]

“As you can see, it has been quite a debate in Sodom. Most people believe that citizens have the right to live as they please, and love whomever they want. But the issue of marriage has changed Sodom to where marriage is no long much of a factor anymore. Marriage, as the fundamental social fabric of society has ended essentially. Yes, there are still marriages, but it doesn’t carry the same gravity and weight. There is no real commitment required for marriage anymore.”

Our guide has been honest with us. And we’ve spent far more time in Sodom than we had planned and it is time to take our leave of this incredible city. We bid or guide adieu and go on our way.

Friends, I don’t know about you, but there are so many parallels between where America is now, and where Sodom ended up. While we are to leave the big cities and get away from the polluting, progressive attitudes and practices of the cities, it is also important to understand that some of these principles extend everywhere. Fortunately, we can come out of Sodom in our own minds and in our lifestyles. We can abandon the principles that prevail in the wicked hearts of those attached to the world and become loyal to the Bible and its pure and eternal principles.

Could America be coming to the very same time in its history where Sodom ended up? Will the judgments of God be poured out on the big progressive cities of the land? What about other progressive nations, like New Zealand, Canada, Britain, etc.? Will God allow them to go on for a while with perverse laws and oppressive enactments that remove religious freedom as well as all moral barriers? Will God give them the chaos they really want by doing so? The chaos and bloodshed of the French Revolution was the direct result of the rejection of the scriptures. Will America and other western nations follow in its path? Sodom was destroyed for its rejection of heaven’s laws. Will modern nations follow suit? Gay activists know that they cannot tolerate the Bible because it condemns their lifestyle. So, they have to remove biblical Christianity from society if they are ever to live in peace.

But even this will not give them what they desire. And by sowing to the wind, they will reap the whirlwind. “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…” Hosea 8:7. The dissolution of marriage as defined by heaven will inevitably bring disaster and destruction on the very ones who demand recognition of their perverted lifestyles.

And where does it all end? It ends with the destruction of large cities. Listen to this statement from Evangelism, page 27.

“I am bidden to declare the message that cities full of transgression, and sinful in the extreme, will be destroyed by earthquakes, by fire, by flood. All the world will be warned that there is a God who will display His authority as God. His unseen agencies will cause destruction, devastation, and death. All the accumulated riches will be as nothingness…

“Calamities will come–calamities most awful, most unexpected; and these destructions will follow one after another. If there will be a heeding of the warnings that God has given, and if churches will repent, returning to their allegiance, then other cities may be spared for a time. But if men who have been deceived continue in the same way in which they have been walking, disregarding the law of God and presenting falsehoods before the people, God allows them to suffer calamity, that their senses may be awakened…

“The Lord will not suddenly cast off all transgressors or destroy entire nations; but He will punish cities and places where men have given themselves up to the possession of Satanic agencies. Strictly will the cities of the nations be dealt with, and yet they will not be visited in the extreme of God’s indignation, because some souls will yet break away from the delusions of the enemy, and will repent and be converted, while the mass will be treasuring up wrath against the day of wrath.

Listen carefully to these verses from Revelation 11:3-13. “And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.”

Friends these are the Old and New Testaments of Holy Scripture. They have held the wicked in check from doing all that they want to do in rebellion to God because they testify against them.

Verses 7-10, “And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.”

When the Supreme Court made a nationwide decision to require all U.S. states to approve of same-sex marriages, the rejoicing and celebration among gay and lesbian couples was enormous. It is as if they have slain the two witnesses of God’s word officially and legally, just as they did in Sodom and France.

Friends, my thinking is that we are going to see a lot more stress come upon Christian people for their disapproval of the gay lifestyle. Expect that the word of God will be increasingly trampled in the dust in western countries as they make laws to overthrow its influence and protection.

But watch out. There is also coming a time when the word of God the Old and New Testaments will again rise to their feet. The voices of truth will be withdrawn from the earth because they have been rejected and crucified. Listen to verse 11 & 12. “And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them. And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.”

But when they are withdrawn, and there are no further voices to defend the truth and prevent the wicked from accomplishing their goals, there will be terrible calamities like never before. Here is verse 13. “And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.”

God is withdrawing His Spirit from the wicked cities, which have become as the cities of the antediluvian world and as Sodom and Gomorrah… Costly mansions, marvels of architectural skill, will be destroyed without a moment’s notice when the Lord sees that the owners have passed the boundaries of forgiveness. The destruction by fire of the stately buildings, supposed to be fireproof, is an illustration of how in a short time earth’s architecture will lie in ruins. Last Day Events, page 112

Ultimately, it all ends with the close of probation. My brothers and sisters, do you not believe that we are near the end of time? It is amazing how rapidly the very things that Bible prophecy tells us will come to pass are being fulfilled in this our generation. Your eternal destiny is at stake. Please, my friends make sure your calling and election are sure. We will surely come upon stressful times. For the secular forces pulling society apart are aiming at you. Live close to Jesus. Give Him your heart today, so that He can transform you into His agency of good.

Let us pray. Our Father in heaven, thank you for revealing to us what is happening in our world. We need Your grace to grow in us, so that Your Holy Spirit guides everything we say and do. Now more than ever we need Your presence because our world is such a wicked place. Yet You have called us to live righteously in the midst of it. May Your presence ever be with us no matter what the difficulties that lie ahead. Forgive our sins, and give us power to live pure and sinless lives, we pray, in Jesus’ name, amen.