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The Pope In Strasbourg: The EU Wonders After…

Pope Francis recently traveled to Strasbourg to address the European Parliament. The European Union is a pet project of the Papacy. Calling for “a return to the convictions of the founders of the European Union,” the pope warned that Europe is seen as a “somewhat elderly and haggard” grandmother who is “no longer fertile and vibrant,” saying it risked “slowly losing its own soul.”

Calling for a stronger and more united Europe, Pope Francis said the world regarded Europe with mistrust, and its own people perceived the EU as insensitive to individual citizens. He urged the European Union to pursue the great ideal of a united and peaceful Europe.

Pope Francis had been invited to speak to the Parliament by its president Martin Schulz. The quick visit lasted only four hours, the shortest visit made by any pope traveling abroad.

The pope discussed a number of issues including illegal immigrants, thousands of whom have died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. “We cannot allow the Mediterranean to become a vast cemetery,” he said. In remarks that seemed to align with trade union issues, he also discussed the creation of jobs and better conditions for workers

And all the world wondered after… Revelation 13:4

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