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Pope Francis Visits Morocco and Emphasizes Peace

ZENIT: Pope Francis [celebrated] Mass for Morocco’s small minority of Catholics. He did so during his second day in Morocco, during his 28th Apostolic Visit, 42nd country visited, and third travel to Africa.

The Holy Father’s Mass marks the first Papal Mass there since that of St. Pope John Paul II in 1985. . . .

In Francis’ homily, he reflected on the parable of the Prodigal Son, and God our Father’s infinite mercy.

Recalling the difficulties presented in the parable, Francis admitted: “It is true that many situations can foment division and strife, while others can bring us to confrontation and antagonism.”

“It cannot be denied,” he said, noting that often we are tempted to believe that hatred and revenge are legitimate ways of ensuring quick and effective justice.

“Yet,” the Pontiff underscored, “experience tells us that hatred, division and revenge succeed only in killing our peoples’ soul[s], poisoning our children’s hopes, and destroying and sweeping away everything we cherish.”

“Jesus invites us, then, to stop and contemplate the heart of our Father,” Francis reminded, noting: “Only from that perspective can we acknowledge once more that we are brothers and sisters.”

“Only against that vast horizon can we transcend our shortsighted and divisive ways of thinking, and see things in a way that does not downplay our differences in the name of a forced unity or a quiet marginalization,” he said, adding: “Only if we can raise our eyes to heaven each day and say ‘Our Father’ will we be able to be part of a process that can make us see things clearly and risk living no longer as enemies but as brothers and sisters.”

The Pope reminded those before him that Christians have a choice before them.

“The Christian knows that in the Father’s house there are many rooms: the only ones who remain outside are those who choose not to share in his joy.”

Francis went on to thank them for the way in which they bear witness to the Gospel of mercy in this land, and for their efforts to make each of their communities an oasis of mercy.

“I encourage you to continue to let the culture of mercy grow, a culture in which no one looks at others with indifference, or averts his eyes in the face of their suffering,” the Holy Father said, insisting: “Keep close to the little ones and the poor, and to all those who are rejected, abandoned and ignored.”

“Continue to be a sign of the Father’s loving embrace,” Francis urged.

The Pope concluded, praying: “May the Merciful and Compassionate One – as our Muslim brothers and sisters frequently invoke [Him] – strengthen you and make your works of love ever more fruitful.”

Our Comment:
Note that the pope emphasizes peace between Christians and Muslims – a common theme that is giving him global prominence. This theme is also strengthening his global influence and the influence of Roman Catholic false worship as he stands up against the Prince of princes.

Prophetic Link:
“And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken without hand.” Daniel 8:25.

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