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Pope Francis Denounces the “Cult of Money”

Pope Francis has denounced the global financial system saying the “cult of money” has tyrannized the poor and has turned humans into expendable consumer goods.

As many popes have done in the past, Francis called for reform of the global system under ethical principles in the interests of the “common good.” “Money has to serve, not to rule!” he said.

While this all sounds great, and it makes the pope popular with the unthinking masses, the pope is not planning to sell the papal palaces, valuable art collections and its hordes of gold to help the poor. Instead Rome expects the nations to offer more social welfare programs by taxing the rich and the middle class to help the poor eek out a living. Welfare systems don’t help the poor get out of poverty. It actually keeps them poor and dependent on the government.

The popes have been calling for the global economy and financial system to be run by a global body along moral and ethical lines. Rome knows that this cannot be a political or secular entity, for these entities have their own interests to pursue. By calling for moral guidance, Rome is asking that the elites of the world place the Papacy at the head of the global financial system. This would also lead to political control as well.

Advocating for social welfare funded by the nation state, all in the name of helping the poor, is Rome’s way of resurrecting the feudal economy of the Middle Ages on a global scale where a few elites control the bulk of the wealth, which is denied to the masses.

Meanwhile, in doing so, Rome has a veneer of piety to advocating for the poor, making her popular with the masses.

The Bible says that the merchants of the earth, namely the central bankers, multinational corporations, were made rich by their association and collaboration with the Vatican. See Revelation 18:11-17.

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