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Monogamy not Natural?

Those defending the traditional definition of marriage have argued that if homosexual marriage is made normal there would be pressure to further expand alternate definitions of marriage to include things like Polygamy, pedophilia, etc.

Now the end of monogamy is also being discussed. Removing the traditional concept of marriage would naturally take God out of the equation and allow anything and everything.

Journalist Meghan Laslocky believes that whatever is “natural” must be right, and it’s all based on science: “It’s time for our culture to wake up… monogamy is not natural for many, or probably even most, humans,” says Laslocky.

Laslocky believes that biology is what determines what is right with regard to sexual expression. “With people living longer than ever before, a greater tolerance toward the human impulse to experience sexual variety is needed,” she said. “Whether a person succeeds at being sexually monogamous depends as much on biology as environment.”

“Only 3% to 5% of all the mammal species on Earth ‘practice any form of monogamy.’ In fact, no mammal species has been proven to be truly monogamous.” Children’s textbooks say humans are animals, so the animal kingdom can be a model for humans. But that means that humans who eat other humans would be considered normal. And rape, which happens in the animal kingdom on a regular basis, would also be normalized and moral.

Where will it all end? “As it was in the days of Noah…”

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