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Global Agricultural Control

It is as if the world is being synchronized through globalization. And big multinational corporations stand to benefit. Both the United States and Europe are simultaneously taking sweeping control of agriculture.

President Obama recently signed legislation that places Monsanto and its genetically modified seeds and other products above the law and the courts. Imbedded in the HR 933 is language that essentially gives Monsanto free range with its divisive biotech inventions. Monsanto already wields legendary power by using “revolving doors” that allow corporate chiefs to take top posts in the Food and Drug Administration and other agencies, using U.S. embassies around the world to push GM technology onto dissenting countries; using government subsidies to support corporate research… using courts to enforce patent protection in most egregious ways, keeping consumers in the dark. The list goes on and on.

The unprecedented new legislation overrides the U.S. Constitution by removing Monsanto from judicial review by putting Monsanto and other biotech companies above the federal courts. Even if a GMO product is proven to be harmful to human health, not even the government can prevent Monsanto from producing and marketing it. Though there is a strong backlash, it will be very difficult to overturn this law.

Meanwhile in Europe, “a new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to ‘grow, reproduce or trade’ vegetable seeds that have not been ‘tested, approved and accepted’ by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”

The law, called Plant Reproductive Material Law, would criminalize even home gardeners who use non-regulated seeds. Home growers have used their own untested seeds successfully for centuries. But under the law they would have to get them tested and registered, a laborious and expensive process. The law may initially target commercial gardens, but what is to stop it from later requiring the same egregious regulations on home growers too? And what is to stop them from regulating all seeds including grasses, mosses, flowers, etc?

Many nations of Europe have limits or outright bans on GMO products, and the EU itself is considering a Europe-wide ban. Could this proposed law be a way for Monsanto, DuPont and other large biotech companies to get around those regulations? It is not hard to imagine.

What is to stop Monsanto and other huge biotech companies, for instance, from registering seeds and getting them approved for use in the European market?

This proposed law has the potential to place all plant life under the dominion of one bureaucratic organization, and could more easily open the door for the corporate giants, and in particular the biotech companies like Monsanto, DuPont and others to have almost Orwellian power over all plant life within the boundaries of the legislation. Most heirloom seeds, the cornerstone of sustainable living, will likely become illegal.

The new law in America and the proposed law in Europe amount to a dictatorship over agriculture and remove the freedom over food production, long a goal of the globalists. If people can grow their own food from their own seeds, they have a measure of self-reliance. Making a population completely dependent for their survival on government and government-approved corporations has long been a goal of the new world order.

“The same state of things exists today that existed before the Flood, and the nearer we get to the large cities, the worse the evil is… The laws of the land will become more and more oppressive, as in the days of Noah.” Manuscript Releases, Vol. 4, page 78

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