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EU/U.S. Free Trade Negotiations

“The United States and European Union aim to start negotiating a vast Transatlantic free trade pact…” The ambitious agenda would involve half of the world output and a third of all trade.

The plan reveals impatience with the deadlocked Doha trade talks which have failed to produce a global agreement to ease commerce.

Though differences remain to be resolved, it is a very big deal, and the two sides hope to have a deal by the end of 2014. President Obama has endorsed the talks with Europe. The two side expect that the negotiations will set a global standard, including regulatory standards for the development of global trade rules.” Global elites want to lower trade barriers on a global scale because trade barriers represent political barriers.

Regional and global trade treaties are a feature of globalization, and represent the foundation for a one-world government. Supranational governance always starts with trade treaties that grow into broader economic deals including common currencies and eventually political merger. It is expected that the deal would improve the economies of both the United States and Europe.

Advocates of a deal on both sides of the Atlantic believe that developments on both sides will help resolve issues that have never been able to be resolved before.

The EU has been involved in free trade agreements with more than 80 countries including Singapore, India, Canada, etc.

Globalization is leading the world toward a one-world government that will eventually also include regulation of religion globally. See Revelation 13:8

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