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European Sunday Alliance Insists on Work-Free Sunday

On Sunday March 3, 2013, the European Sunday Alliance held its annual European day for a “Work-Free Sunday.” Using the theme “Stop Sunday Work Now!” the alliance called on members to take action by handing out flyers, holding meetings and calling on citizens to demand that the European Union establish a work-free Sunday throughout all of Europe.

“ Synchronization of working time which includes the work-free Sunday is crucial. Only if this happens can health, safety and dignity of all citizens be promoted. Only in this way will all citizens be able to reconcile their personal, family and professional life. Only by this is social cohesion guaranteed as it enables people to gather, employers and employees alike,” says the Alliance.

The European Sunday Alliance includes churches, unions, civic societies and employers as well as workers. It was founded in 2011 and is continuing to increase in membership.

The Alliance is seeking to elevate Sunday recognition from level one – Sunday closing laws – to level two – Sunday rest laws – and demand that all European citizens have free time on Sunday for the common good. These laws are foundational to eventually requiring a global worship described in Revelation 13.

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