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Deadly Heatwaves in India

Insider, by Sinead Baker: India is dealing with intense heatwaves [that] have killed more than 100 people and experts warn that parts of the country could become too hot for people to survive.

Parts of India exceeded 50 C (122 F) in June — three degrees higher than what the Indian Meteorological Department classifies as a “severe” heat wave.

CNN reported that a series of heat wave[s] across the country have killed more than 100 people this summer.

Experts have previously predicted that rising global temperatures could lead parts of India to become too hot for humans to survive by the end of the century.

A 2017 study by researchers in MIT found that heat waves could become so hot and humid by 2100 that humans might not be able to survive in parts of the country if climate change continues at its current pace.

MIT professor Elfatih Eltahir told the Thompson Reuters Foundation at the time: “Business as usual runs the risk of having extremely lethal heat waves.”

The study found that 70% of India’s population of over one billion people will be exposed to extreme heat and humidity by 2100.

It said that some parts of the country are “projected to exceed the survivability threshold.”

According to CNN, Delhi, the state containing India’s capital city, New Delhi, recorded its highest-ever temperature in June, at 48 C (118 F). And Bihar, a state in eastern India, closed schools and colleges to deal with the June heat.

The MIT study found that areas of Pakistan and Bangladesh would reach unsurvivable temperatures, affecting more than 1.5 billion people as well as damaging food production.

India signed the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Eun Soon from Hong Kong University, who took part in the MIT study, told CNN: “If we continue to produce the greenhouse gases at the current pace, one of the most populous regions in the world will not avoid the high risk of the deadly heat wave, facing an upper limit on human heat tolerance.”

Our Comment:
This heatwave is only the beginning, a foreshadowing of the coming plagues.

Prophetic Link:
“And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.” Revelation 16:8.

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