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Croatia to Join the European Union

On July 1, 2013 Croatia will become an official member of the European Union. The EU bent the rules so that Croatia could join even though the Lisbon Treaty has limits that technically prevent it, and even though there are some significant reforms that still to be made in Croatia. This development should not surprise anyone with a grasp of Croatian history in relation to the larger powers of Europe. During World War II Croatia was a loyal ally at the beck and call of both Berlin and the Vatican. Remember also, that the European Union is all about restoring the Papal power over its historical and traditional territory, the Papal states. And Berlin is the nation that is managing the process.

To grasp where this is all headed, you have to know what most either do not know, or have forgotten in the last 70 years. During World War II Croatia was devoted to the Roman Catholic Church and a staunch ally of the Nazi regime in Berlin. The infamous Ustashi troops, Croatia’s equivalent of the dreaded Nazi SS, brutally executed up to 750,000 Orthodox Serbs and up to 60,000 Jews, under the guidance and instruction of Catholic priests and friars (particularly Franciscans) who worked very closely with the government. Those who refused to convert to the Catholic Church at the pointy end of a gun were tortured, raped and liquidated. That fact is lost on most Europeans and others around the world today partly because those who went through that terrible time are now dead.

Europeans tend to fall back into certain patterns, like brutal dictatorships, when under certain types of stress in key circumstances. History repeats itself with striking similarity. It would not be difficult to imagine a repeat of the religious genocide perpetrated by Croatia during that awful period when circumstances permit.

The first step toward Croatian membership in the EU took place in 1991 when Germany recognized the sovereignty of Croatia (along with Slovenia) as one of its first foreign policy moves after its reunification. The Vatican also formally recognized the two nations. This forced the disintegration of Yugoslavia by splitting the two tiny nations out of the communist orbit. This was at a time when other nations were reluctant to support the independence of Croatia and Slovenia, perhaps because they knew what would happen. More blood was spilt in the civil war that erupted between the Croats and Serbs following separation from Yugoslavia.

Though it has taken more than 20 years for Croatia to join the EU, Croatia still isn’t ready for membership. But it does not appear that accession to the EU will be held up by the German-Vatican axis that now dominates Europe. No doubt, the Catholic Church wants more Roman Catholic nations to join the EU to support the restoration of her power over Europe, perhaps with much more bloodshed.

“And the deadly wound was healed…” Revelation 13:3

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