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CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Jesus Christ, Admittedly, Was Not Perfect’

CNS News, By John Jakubisin: “CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon said Monday that “Jesus Christ, admittedly, was not perfect” when discussing the removal of public monuments with CNN host Chris Cuomo. 

“But here’s the thing, Jesus Christ, if you believe – if that’s what you believe in, Jesus Christ, admittedly, was not perfect when he was here on this Earth.”

Lemon and Cuomo were discussing the recent push to take down statues and monuments, especially those dedicated to the Confederacy. However, statues of founding fathers, abolitionists and religious figures have also been taken down, without any pushback from Democratic politicians. 

Lemon argued that those who are concerned with taking down historic figures or those who are concerned that there is no “end point” should stop deifying the founders.

“So why are we deifying the fathers of this country, many of whom owned slaves, and in the Constitution – the original one – they didn’t want – they put slavery in there, that slavery should be abolished because it was the way the king wanted.”

Lemon said that despite the founding fathers creating the Constitution and a “blueprint” for the country, they should not be excluded from “conversations” on taking down monuments.

“They’re not perfect. We have to stop deifying them and saying, yes, they did some great things and they created a Constitution and, you know, a blueprint for us that wasn’t perfect at the time, and that’s good, but they weren’t perfect either.”

“And so, as Americans, all of us should come together and have these conversations and get together and stop letting someone divide us. No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect, not even the founding fathers.”

Lemon sought to compare Jesus Christ with the founders of this country, despite the fact that Jesus Christ, who is both a historical and religious figure, is divine and perfect in his nature. This is according to the Catholic Church, along with the majority of Christian denominations, who hold that Jesus Christ is perfect, the second person of the Holy Trinity; and “true God and true man.”

Lemon also claimed Jesus was “admittedly” not perfect, implying that Jesus himself said he was not perfect. 

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which contains the doctrines of the Catholic Church, says this about Jesus Christ: “Christ, being true God and true man, has a human intellect and will, perfectly attuned and subject to his divine intellect and divine will, which he has in common with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Cuomo, who is a proclaimed Catholic, did not refute or respond to Lemon’s statement. Cuomo instead continued the political conversation on monuments. 

Cuomo has defended his Catholic faith publicly on several occasions and references his faith on air. In a 2016 tweet, he said, “I am a Catholic. Faith is not something to hide nor is it a requirement.”

Cuomo grew up attending a Catholic church, The Immaculate Conception, and was married in one, Sacred of Heart of Jesus and Mary. Both churches are in New York. 

Both Chris Cuomo and his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, have also publicly defended abortion, a procedure which goes against the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

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