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Calling for Revival

Joel Richardson and Jonathan Cahn, two New York Times best sellers, have suggested that Christians have something to learn from the President Trump’s no-holds-barred approach when it comes to challenging political correctness and supposedly unspeakable taboos. Politically incorrect, Donald Trump overcame opposition from both political parties and won the most improbable election of all time. Should Christians do the same?

“The church needs to gain a level of boldness,” said Richardson. “The kind of boldness Donald Trump has with the media, we need with the world. The church needs to say: ‘No more playing games. We’re tired of you being bullies. We are going to proclaim the truth because we have the words of life, and we’re going to do our best to snatch people out of the fire. We need to rise up.’”

“If he can do that just being Donald Trump,” added Cahn, “and he can say, forget political correctness and all this stuff, then how much more do we have to be bold for Messiah? Forget what the world is saying! You know, when Ahab said to Elijah and called him a troubler of Israel, what does Elijah say? You know, he reframes. [He says:] ‘I’m not accepting that. I’m not accepting you calling me that. I’m not accepting your political correctness. You’re the troubler of Israel. I’m serving the living God.’”

Both Richardson and Cahn believe that Christians should be activists because the world is nearing “a major turning point.” Cahn specifically identified the unlikely election of Trump as evidence of divine intervention.

“We are at a major point,” said Cahn. “This has been a major shift. I mean, what’s happened in America and really in the world, as what happens here affects the whole word… But there’s been a major shift. It’s been an incredible year that defied everybody’s expectations. And usually when you see that, God is in that. And so what is He doing, what is God saying?

Cahn interprets the election of Trump as a “reprieve,” an opportunity for Christians to try to retake lost cultural ground and spread the faith.

“We’ve been given a reprieve but the reprieve is not the answer,” Cahn said. “The answer is only revival. Without revival, you got four years maybe… If we don’t use this time now, this freedom while we have it, ‘work while it is yet day,’ if we don’t affect the younger generation in this time, if we don’t spread the gospel, if we don’t go full blast in revival, it’s going to continue. And it will be with a vengeance. Because all those powers you see all over America, they want to assassinate the president.”

“The point is do not grow complacent,” he continued. “And it’s not about putting your trust in a man or a party. This is God’s sovereign hand. We need to use this, all of us, to use this opportunity to go full blast in revival, pray for revival, work for revival, spread the gospel for revival. Start not just to pray but to live in revival, because that’s [the] only thing that’s going to turn it around.”

“With regard to the U.S., I believe that we’re in a reprieve,” said Richardson, “and I believe that we are probably looking at seven years of blessing, seven years of famine,” he said.

Richardson wrongly believes that Israel is the true church and that it will be restored to a covenant relationship with God. “You know people always say: ‘What will lead Israel into entering into a covenant? What will lead to the Temple being rebuilt? What will lead to some kind of comprehensive agreement?’ And I believe that it will require both parties sort of having their backs against the wall. There needs to be a shuffling of the deck if you will. And I believe a couple of these major wars very well may be the issue that leads to that. If that unfolds, I believe we can almost watch the unfolding of the steps toward the rise of the Antichrist.”

Though neither Richardson nor Cahn understand scripture, they have powerful influence among evangelicals. They are pushing for a religious revival in politics. Consequently, Richardson argues believers must be more passionate and dedicated than ever.

“Just to help believers understand what’s unfolding in the Earth right now, as it relates to the testimony of the biblical prophets,” said Richardson of his purpose. “We need to be … about the business of prayer. We need to be watchful. We need to be in tune with what the Lord’s doing because the days ahead are only going to get increasingly tumultuous and chaotic.”

False revivals combined with political engagement are a feature of the end times.

“In many of the revivals, which have occurred during the last half century, the same influences have been at work, to a greater or less degree, that will be manifest in the more extensive movements of the future. There is an emotional excitement, a mingling of the true with the false, that is well adapted to mislead. Yet none need be deceived. In the light of God’s word it is not difficult to determine the nature of these movements. Wherever men neglect the testimony of the Bible, turning away from those plain, soul-testing truths which require self-denial and renunciation of the world, there we may be sure that God’s blessing is not bestowed.” The Great Controversy, page 464.

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