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Auburn SDA Church Participates in Lent with Catholic Church, Others

Lent is the Roman Catholic season of “of fasting, repentance, moderation, spiritual discipline and reflection on the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

In an ecumenical effort, six churches in the Auburn, California area, are celebrating lent together. They are St. Teresa of Avila Catholic, Auburn Presbyterian, Auburn Seventh-day Adventist, Bethlehem Lutheran, First Congregational and Pioneer United Methodist. Each group will hold one event in their church and will feature a guest pastor from another church to conduct the service. 

“The Rev. Arnold Parungao of St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church in Auburn said the joint events are an effort to unite Christians in the community.” 

Pastor Dan Appel of the Auburn Seventh-day Adventist said he believes that the collaboration among organizations will bring about good faith among Auburn Christians. “I think the intent was to just give the people the opportunity to get acquainted with other pastors,” Appel said. “So often, people hear the same speaker over and over again. This gives people the chance to get better acquainted. There is also an attempt to show that while we may have theological differences with each other, we still respect each other as followers of God.”

Appel was guest speaker at the Catholic service on the first Wednesday of Lent. 

Participants’ foreheads were marked with a cross of ashes, in the typically Roman Catholic ritual. 

The only underlying reason for the ecumenical movement is to bring the churches into the bosom of Rome so that they can unite around the Papal rituals and services and eventually come under the authority of the pope.

“All that dwell upon the earth shall worship him.” Revelation 13:8

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