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Angela Merkel Visits Pope Francis

Angela Merkel met with Pope Francis for the second time in a private audience at the Vatican on February 21. The 40-minute discussion focused on the fight against poverty and international crises, including the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the role of women in developing countries, equality, and the upcoming G7 meeting in Bavaria in June.

“I was very happy to meet with the pope,” Merkel said. She described the talks as “enriching.”

Germany is the current chair of the G7 group, formerly known as the G8 when Russia was involved. Russia was excluded over the annexation of Crimea. The G7 consists of the seven major industrialized nations including Germany, the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Italy and Britain.

Concerning the conflict in Ukraine, Merkel said, “he gave me a lot of encouragement” to proceed “decidedly and determinedly” to find a solution.

The Vatican advises the nations concerning matters of war and peace. No doubt the Vatican is very involved in the negotiations in the Ukraine. After all, there are a lot of Roman Catholics there.

Merkel also met Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin and German ambassador to the Holy See, Annette Schavan.

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