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Angela Merkel: No German “Hegemony” in Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that there is no German “hegemony” in Europe, though she insisted that the Eurozone nations should give up more of their sovereignty to Brussels to overcome the economic crisis. Merkel said that Germany “seeks to involve other states like Poland in the decision-making process.”

The obvious fact however, is that Europe has always been a very undemocratic government. Nothing happens in Europe without German approval or German insistence. The southern countries have been especially hit with German demands for austerity when faced with economic collapse. Merkel’s claim that there is no German hegemony is in conflict with the facts.

Nevertheless, Merkel rejected criticism from these countries. “Growth doesn’t come only from cuts, I am certainly not all about cuts. Growth also comes from structural reforms,” she said.

Merkel insisted however that the nations of the European Union must be willing to give up more of the precious sovereignty and powers to Brussels. ‘We need to be ready to accept that Europe has the last say in certain areas,” Merkel said. “Otherwise we won’t be able to continue to build Europe.”

This statement reflects the true nature of the European Union. The intention of the EU is to remove the ability of nations to make decisions in harmony with the desire of its citizens; for national parliaments to determine national destiny. This is saying that the European Union will be a dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats and parliamentarians who have no accountability to the people.

Has Germany ever tried this before? And she has failed in her ambitions to rule the European empire by military might. Now, instead of a war with bombs and bullets, Germany is imposing her will on the nations around her by economic arm-twisting and bullying. As nations grovel for money to survive, Germany through the European Union and the European Central Bank, enforces slavery on them. The fact that they no longer have their own currencies makes them vulnerable to German manipulation because Germany controls the euro. They will never escape the snare.

German power is at the heart of the European Union. She is using her power and prestige as well as her political savvy to bring the nations of the European Union under greater control of the central government in Brussels. But Germany is also collaborating with Brussels to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire and return the region to its medieval relationships and financial circumstances. That is the real goal.

The deadly wound is being healed. Revelation 13:3

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