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Angela Merkel and the Pope

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and Pope Francis met recently and discussed the economic crisis in Europe. Apparently, the pope got her ear. After the meeting, as you might expect, Merkel called for “stronger market regulation.”

In other words, Merkel is using her meeting with the pope to strengthen support for her position to centralize the markets. She told reporters “scandals and excesses criticized by Francis… showed that regulatory measures had failed.” The pope had said that the economic crisis in Europe had worsened conditions for millions and said that financial reform was necessary. “It is true that economies are there to serve people.” Merkel said. “And that has by no means always been the case in recent years.”

Economic control is also an ongoing papal theme. In his speech the pope said that a “cult of money” had tyrannized the poor.

“Pope Francis made it clear that we need a strong, fair Europe,” said Merkel, “and I found the message very encouraging.”

Keep in mind that Germany and the Vatican are working closely together to restore the ancient Holy Roman Empire. The economic crisis is providing the opportunity to gradually re-order the economy and politics of Europe to match papal principles of economic control. Centralizing control over government finances and the markets are two key pillars of the European Union, and which will bring the EU nations under tighter controls.

“And his deadly wound was healed.” Revelation 13:3

The inhabitants of the earth are confused and believe that the best solution is the one being offered by these rulers who collaborate with Rome to serve their mutual interests.

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